Parents: Do you have a budding comedian in your family? You know the one child who says the MOST AMAZING things? Well, we have an event for you. We invite you to ask your child some questions and want you to tape their responses and send them to us for the first ever


This is a fundraiser for the Foundation for Pottstown Education which helps fund programs and activities for the students of the Pottstown Area School District.
How does it work?

  1. Register for your child by using the form attached. (there is no registration fee) (RELEASE FORM)
  2. Ask your child the questions from our list. (QUESTIONS)
  3. Video your child’s responses (you can use your phone or your child’s Chrome book)
  4. Send us the video (send electronically to jrusiewicz@pottstownk12.org)
    It’s that simple. A pre-selected committee will select the best videos for each question. If your child is selected as giving the best response, they will win a gift card.
    How do we decide the winner for each question?
  5. We will have a live Zoom event on Friday October 23rd and show the best responses to each question.
  6. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to watch and then vonate (vote by donating) on our website.
  7. Everyone will have three days to vonate for their favorite.
  8. The child who receives the most money donated to the Foundation will be the winner.
  9. Winners will be announce on Tuesday October 27th.
    This event is in conjunction with the TriCounty Community Network’s Amazing Raise. All funds collected from this event will support the Foundation for Pottstown Education and our work to help level the educational playing field for the students of the Pottstown School District.

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