Celebration of the Arts wrap-up

This is just a small peek at what you missed if you couldn’t make it to the Celebration of the Arts on Saturday. We plan to have just as much fun at our next special event, A Night At the Races. It will be held on Saturday, October 5th, at the Carousel of Pottstown. Mark your calendars now! More information about this event will be sent out in late summer.

Here are a few things you missed;

During Leticia’s remarks on Saturday, she spoke about the grants we funded last month, several of which were for transportation. We need additional funding to ensure all of our students can attend school field trips. So far, we have received $10,000 from the PA Skill Charitable Foundation and $3,000 from Penn Pumps and Equipment Company. The total cost for field trip transportation is $24,000.

Andrea Roberts also shared that we are seeking funding for the purchase of VR Goggles for the High School and Middle School Library. This project will cost $43,000.

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