The Gene Whistler Women’s Sports Fund

At the April 25th Foundation for Pottstown Education’s Board of Directors meeting, the board approved the renaming of the Women’s Sports Fund as the Gene Whistler Women’s Sports Fund in recognition of the former Pottstown High School teacher and coach.  This past August, Gene passed away leaving a legacy in the world of local sports.

She was a celebrated coach and teacher of physical education and health in the Pottstown School District until her retirement in 1996.  She had a lifelong love of sports that carried from her days playing field hockey with her sister, Judy, at Springfield Township High School to playing and watching tennis throughout her life.  She mentored countless student-athletes and coached field hockey, basketball, and tennis teams.

In recognition of this renamed fund, the Foundation for Pottstown Education will hold a fundraising campaign benefitting the Women’s Sports Programs in the Pottstown School District.  All former students and athletes of the Pottstown School District and the community at large are asked to make a gift to this fund in memory of Whistler. The funds will be allocated to the women’s sports program in the Pottstown School District.

Whis, as I and many others affectionately called her, was truly one of a kind. She poured into me and others. She had a keen eye for detail and could spot potential great athletes. She was easy to talk; a great listener and advice-giver; we shared many, many laughs over the years. It is fitting that the foundation is honoring Whis with its campaign for women’s sports. She made an indelible mark in the district, helping to shape the lives of so many with her guidance, support, and compassionate spirit, not just on the field but in the classroom as well.

Leticia Santiago “90”

Gifts to this fund can be made through the following link: or by sending a check to the Foundation for Pottstown Education 230 Beech Street Pottstown PA ATT Gene Whistler Women’s Sport Fund.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

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