Fair Funding Initiative Unanimously Approved by FPE Board of Directors

Dear Partners in Education,

How the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania equitably funds education for the 1.7 million students in the 500 school districts in the state is an incredibly important issue which will affect future generations. It continues to be discussed in virtually every community as we search for the answer to how best to prepare our students for the future, while at the same time protecting the present needs of our citizens.

One way that school districts have dealt with the current crisis is by relying on their educati9n foundation to raise funds to support much needed student programs.  The Foundation for Pottstown Education is a proud supporter of the students in the Pottstown School District. The Foundation has funded programs including robotics, early college education entrance, and nature field trips for elementary students to name but a few.  However, the board of directors of the Foundation for Pottstown Education have come to realize that the inadequate and unfair funding formula used to provide resources to our schools in Pennsylvania is severely out of balance and deprive our students of many educational opportunities that exist in neighboring schools.  After examining this issue for months, the Foundation unanimously approved the attached resolutionsupporting a fair and equitable funding formula for students in all 500 school districts in our state.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first example of a charitable organization making a unanimous, formal resolution supporting fair and equitable funding. This historic vote is a clear indication that the concept of fair and equitable funding for our schools is nonpartisan and transcends politics. Fair and equitable funding in Pennsylvania is about  ensuring equity for all our students who will become the future leaders of our communities.  Please join us in standing up for students across the Commonwealth.



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