Engineering Better Technical Education in Pottstown

Engineering students at Pottstown High School now have a programmable control unit like those used in industrial applications thanks to the Pottstown Foundation for Education.

The board of directors approved funding which was requested by Andrew Bachman, the high school’s engineering and technology teacher.

With this system the students will learn how to program, operate, and interface programmable controllers in a variety of industrial applications used in the automotive, packaging, and technological assembly industries, to name a few.

The programmable controller is one of the most important developments in industrial automation because of its ability to be quickly programmed to control a wide range of industrial processes and machines. Typical applications include: robots, conveyors, electric motor controls, air conditioning, process control, plastic injection molding, and CNC machines.

This system will work with the Robotics 1 and 2 Learning System that the Foundation for Pottstown Education funded the beginning of the school year. This program works with the students to teach them articulated arm servo robotics and how it is applied in industrial tasks like assembly, material handling, machine tending, gluing and inspection. Students also learn basic robot operation programming, interfacing, flexible manufacturing cells quality control and production control.

The funding for both of these requests is made possible by a grant secured by the Foundation for Pottstown Education though a gift from the Greater Pottstown Foundation.

The gift by the Greater Pottstown Foundation was given in support of the Robotics Program in the Pottstown School District.

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