Judy Green Receives Legacy Award for Community Impact

The Foundation for Pottstown Education congratulates Judy Green, one of the members of our Board of Directors, on being recognized with the Legacy Award for Community Impact.  Judy was presented with this award at the second annual TriCounty Community Network Women’s Symposium on March 29, 2017.

Judy has made a lasting impact on the Pottstown area through her commitment and service to her community. For over 40 years, Judy, also known also as “Mrs. Green” to her students, “Mom” to Matt, Andrew and Amanda, the best “Grandmom” around to her three boys and “Friend” to many of us, has worked to transform the lives of individuals and organizations in our region through her hard work and desire to help children and families. Judy’s contributions to her community are many, most notably, her time spent as an educator in Pottstown, numerous board and volunteer appointments and as an important resource for students at Montgomery County Community College.

Judy, thank you for all that you do for our community!

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