Foundation for Pottstown Education Awarded a Two-Year Grant

The Foundation for Pottstown Education (FPE) was recently awarded a two-year grant totaling $90,000 from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation (PAHWF).  This grant is awarded in support of the Education Foundation’s Administrative Operations.  A check for $50,000 was presented for year one of the approved grant.

FPE Executive Director, Joe Rusiewicz stated that he is not only pleased with the acceptance of this grant but also in the working relationship that both Foundations have with each other.  “The support, not only financially, that PAHWF gives to us has been tremendous.  The staff has always been available to answer questions or to offer advice when needed.  I am looking forward to continuing this relationship.”

FPE recently provided funding towards the Middle School Environmental Education Club’s attendance at the Pocono Environmental Education Center, for the Early College Program, PEAK initiatives, Girls Today Leaders Tomorrow Program, equipment and computers for the Engineering Programs, AP Testing and has approved funding for the Rupert Elementary School Fourth Grade ropes program, as well as working on the Planning Committee for the 2017 Sports Carnival. Previously, PAHWF has provided funding to the Education Foundation to support Administrative Operations and for fund raising software.

The remainder of the grant, $40,000, will be issued in year two, 2018 contingent on submission and review of the year one report.

About PAHWF: The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation’s (PAHWF) mission is to enhance the health and wellness of area residents, providing education, funding and programs that motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyles. Visit for more information about the Foundation. Discover Pottstown area’s online community, Mission Healthy Living, an initiative of PAHWF, to learn and share great information on how to lead a healthier life. You can also follow the Foundation on FacebookTwitterInstagram,  LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

About FPE:   The Foundation for Pottstown Education’s (FPE) mission is to support, promote, sponsor and carry out educational, scientific or charitable activities and objectives within or related to the Pottstown School District. Visit for more information about the Foundation for Pottstown Education.  You can also follow FPE on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture: (L) Joe Rusiewicz Executive Director Foundation for Pottstown Education (R) Dave Kraybill President Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation

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