Early College Program Graduates 9 Students and Welcomes 15 in Cohort VII

In June, nine graduating seniors not only earned their high school diploma, but also earned a combined 200 credits at the Montgomery County Community College West Campus through the Pottstown Promise Early College Program.

This program was established in 2014 and is in conjunction with the Pottstown High School, Montgomery County Community College and the Foundation for Pottstown Education.  The tuition fee for the college credits is paid for from donations to the Foundation.  Students in each of the cohorts who are selected in their sophomore year of high school must have a 90% cumulative GPA after the winter marking period to be invited to apply for the program.  They are selected based on their academic achievement, co-curricular activities, and review of attendance and discipline reports.  They must also write an essay as to how they feel this experience will be a benefit to them.

The nine graduating seniors are: 

Elsie Cannell, Jahyre Graves, Jennifer Hainsey, Jayla Holloway, Aubrey Miller, Julianna Roseo, Hannah Shankle, Destyn Snyder and Dylan Thorne.  Congratulations to all of you and best of luck in your continuing education.

In May, the Foundation announced the students selected to participate in this program as members of Cohort VII.  Fifteen students were selected for the two year program. 

They are:

Haile Clayton, Kaelyn Draucker, Kristin DiPietro, Dominic Mott Gould, CyeNyla Hall, Alexa King, Cristine Martinez, Emily McCollum, Kishan Patel, Raine Thomas, Jaleinda Thompson, Michelle Villagomez, Omar Villagomez, Austin Weller and Harmony Wood.

The students and parents attended an orientation night at the MCCC West Campus to learn more about the program as well as register as students of the MCCC campus.  Congratulations to the Cohort VII.  You are now members of the Early College Program along with almost 70 other Pottstown High School students who graduated or are currently enrolled.

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