The Hill School made a major contribution in support of the students of the Pottstown School District and the Foundation for Pottstown Education’s Chromebook Campaign with a $50,000 donation.  The Foundation announced the campaign on Wednesday May 5, 2020 with a goal of raising funds for 1,000 Chromebooks for the students of the Pottstown School District.  The donation was announced at the virtual Community Leaders’ Breakfast meeting hosted by Hobart’s Run on Wednesday May 5th.

Zack Lehman, Hill’s Headmaster, said the School was happy to help the Pottstown School District as it addresses the circumstances posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

“We are very hopeful this will allow the District to continue providing a first-rate education to the children of Pottstown,” Lehman said.  “We applaud the District’s leadership, and remain eager to discuss future collaborative programming and an even stronger partnership between our institutions.

“I am humbled by what Superintendent Rodriguez and his team are doing for our community,” Lehman added.  “As Hill and Pottstown celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we are delighted to support the District’s outstanding efforts and to recognize all teachers who are working so diligently in these times requiring innovation, flexibility, and extraordinary student-focused commitment.”  

Pottstown Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez shared his appreciation of the gift in stating, “We are thrilled and appreciative of the Hill School Gift during this serious coronavirus crisis. This support will provide Chromebooks to 143 students and help us continue education, not only now, but in the future.  This contribution is another example of what Pottstown does best in times of crisis, come together and help one another.” 

“One Goal, One Team, One Town!”

The donation will be matched thanks to a recent grant from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation which will match donations for the Chromebook Campaign dollar for dollar up to $100,000.

 “This donation along with the recent $60,000 donation received by the Foundation for Pottstown Education will help our district’s students continue their education remotely” stated the Foundation’s Executive Director, Joe Rusiewicz.  “We need to continue to bridge the gap of inequality of funding our schools and make sure that all students are on a level playing field.  That is why our board took the steps to begin this campaign.”  Rusiewicz also noted that the $60,000 anonymous gift does not count in the matching grant as it was received before the challenge grant was awarded.

According to Cathy Skitko, Director of Communications for Hobart’s Run and spokesperson for The Hill School, the funds are coming from a Hill alumnus who wishes to remain anonymous. The gift was directed specifically to this purpose, she said. 

Anyone interested in helping to level the educational playing field for the Pottstown School District by making a tax deductible donation to this campaign can send a check to the Foundation for Pottstown Education 230 Beech Street Pottstown, PA  19464 or go to our website www.foundationpottstowned.orr/donate and select Chromebooks under Donation Designation.

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