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  1. Hello,
    I was the valedictorian in 1989 and I do not know if you include accomplishments of your alumni in your news letters. I did submit my press release to the Pottstown Mercury so I could share my accomplishment with my former teachers who still live in the area. However, no one at the Mercury responded, and my accomplishment was never published.

    In October, my national anatomy and physiology lab manual was launched by TopHat/Bluedoor. I spent 4 years researching, writing, creating art, etc. It actually is quite an accomplishment. This publication is in addition to my national Human anatomy and physiology lecture text book with McGraw-Hill and the custom anatomy and physiology I lab manual that I author for my institution (State College of Florida).

    In the website section of this form, I have place the link to Bluedoor press release for your consideration.

    Take care,

    Beth Ann Kersten (formerly Beth Ann Sipple class of 1989)

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