The Foundation for Pottstown Education’s annual appeal will be held during the month of October.  The goal for IMPACT 2023 (formerly Amazing Raise) is $100,000.  A Challenge Gift has been offered again this year by anonymous donors.  If 100% of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, 100% of the Pottstown School Board of Education members, 100 Pottstown School District employees and 75 PHS Alumni donate during this campaign, we will receive $10,000.

Each week starting the week of September 18th, we will highlight the programs that our donors have supported over the past 5 years.  The total IMPACT has been more than $1.5 million.  The first report shows the total IMPACT that you have made.

Please consider making an IMPACT in the education of the 3,300 Pottstown students by supporting this year’s campaign.

I want to make an IMPACT

The Early College Program enables qualified and approved Pottstown High School Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to take up to 30 college credits at Montgomery County Community College at no charge to the students. 

So far, 107 students have participated in the Early College Program, earning a combined 1352 college credits and saving over $1 million in future tuition.

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